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Title :Interdisciplinary Professional Development Awards (IPDAs) - Results from the Third Call for Proposals
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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the results from the third call for proposals for the Interdisciplinary Professional Development Awards (IPDAs). The proposals were reviewed by the IPDA Panel comprising Associate Provost (Academic Planning and Undergraduate Education) Prof. Gary FENG as the Chairman; Prof. Shuk Han CHENG (EDGE); Mr. Yuk Yiu IP (SCM); Dr. Avnita LAKHANI (SLW); Dr. Patrick LEE (SEE); Prof. Yue MA (EF) and Dr. Xiaodong YUE (SS). The Panel recommended funding for the following three projects:


1.    Business Culture and Ethics: China and West

Prof. Zhilin YANG (MKT) and Prof. Ruiping FAN (POL)



2.    Everyday Life  in China and Material Culture

Dr. Tai Shing WUT (CCIV); Dr. Sharon CHEUNG (CCIV); Mr. Kam Hung KWOK (CCIV); Dr. Hok Chung LAM (CCIV); Mr. Guo LI (CCIV); Dr. Jackie LOU (EN); Dr. Hua QIAN (CCIV); Dr. Marianne WONG (CCIV) and Dr. Wanmin ZHANG (CTL)



3.    Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Venture Exploration

Dr. Eddie YU (MGT); Dr. Yanto CHANDRA (POL); Dr. Joan LEUNG (POL); Dr. Kui-Wai LI (EF); Dr. Reuben MONDEJAR (MGT) and Prof. Linda WONG (POL)



As described in the Academic Development Proposal (ADP) for 2012-2015, the University is creating a broad, dynamic portfolio of interdisciplinary, signature GE courses to support our Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC). The IPDAs enable teams to create interdisciplinary GE courses that promote a culture of discovery and innovation for our students at CityU.


Please join me in congratulating the awardees and wishing them success with their projects. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the panel members for their effort and guidance.


Arthur B. Ellis
9 July 2013

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