On a nonlinear model for stress-induced phase transitions in a slender compressible hyperelastic cylinder : analytical solutions and stability

細長超彈性杆的應力引起的相變 : 解析解和穩定性分析

Student thesis: Master's Thesis

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  • Kwok Tim NG

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Award date4 Oct 2010


In this thesis, some methodology in nonlinear dynamics is used to study a boundary-value problem of a nonlinear model arisen in phase transitions in a slender cylinder composed of a compressible hyperelastic material. We transform the original system of boundary value problem to an initial-value (dynamical) problem of finding periodic solutions of coupled nonlinear autonomous oscillators in a four-dimensional space. Hopf-like bifurcation analysis of the periodic solutions of the system is studied. Both analytical and numerical solutions are obtained by using a nonlinear transformation formulation. The analytical solutions are obtained by the perturbation method incorporate with a nonlinear transformation while the numerical solutions are obtained by the perturbation-incremental method. In addition, the accuracy of analytical solutions is investigated by comparing with the numerical solutions. The engineering stress-strain curve is plotted and compared with that from the normal form equation, which is a simplification of the original system. The stability of periodic solutions is also discussed in this thesis.

    Research areas

  • Numerical solutions, Bifurcation theory, Nonlinear theories, Boundary value problems