New strategies for designing live computer music


Student thesis: Master's Thesis

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  • Kei Cheuk Kechard LEUNG

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Award date3 Oct 2011


This thesis explores the methodology for designing computer-based digital musical instruments (DMIs) to create a new direction for live computer music performance. Three forerunners of DMIs, Extended Tablet, Reactable and Silent Drum, are reviewed to give background information of DMIs, of which the individual components, performance contexts and artistic factors are investigated. The present study presents four case studies, each discussing a new DMI or installation, namely the Pod Drum, Control Table, 3D Fabric, and 'Transparent Caprice'. They were inspired by different motivations, artistic considerations, and technology involvement. Performances of original compositions for each of the creations are also presented. This thesis highlights three key implementations for the design of DMIs: (1) exploring gestural control in live computer music; (2) enhancing transparency of the control process and sound production of DMI designs; and (3) increasing the importance of repertoire and actual performances in the development of DMIs.

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  • Computer music