Mirror effect : the experience of using psychodrama in the teaching and learning of counseling

鏡子效應 : 運用心理劇教授和學習輔導之經驗

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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  • Wing Yee HO


Awarding Institution
Award date2 Oct 2015


The use of psychodrama in education can train students through experiential rather than didactic modes of learning. This mixed study, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, investigates the mirror effects generated by the use of the psychodramatic teaching and learning approach in a Hong Kong university. One hundred and twenty-one undergraduate social work students participated in the study. A quasi-experimental design was adopted. Members of the experimental group (n=82) evaluated their experiences in this action-oriented approach and the data were compared with data collected from the comparison group (n=39), which adopted a non-psychodramatic teaching approach. Both standardized and self-constructed instruments, such as Yalom’s Therapeutic Factors Inventory (TFI), the Mirror Effect Inventory (MEI) and the Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (TLQ), were used to measure changes in the participants after intervention. The results significantly associate the psychodramatic group with positive mirror effect. The results also indicate that these positive mirror effect is attributable to the psychodramatic teaching and learning approach and are mediated by four therapeutic factors, namely universality, catharsis, imparting or sharing of information, and modeling. Qualitative content analysis based on the thematic analysis of transcribed semi-structured interviews (n=30) with selected members of the experimental group identified five stages of the mirror effects and revealed four characteristics of the psychodramatic teaching and learning approach. The implications of this study are discussed in relation to the benefits gained and precautions to be taken when using this psychodramatic approach in education.

    Research areas

  • Psychodrama, Counseling, Study and teaching