Legal Regulatory Framework of Foreign Companies Listing in China under Economic Globalization

海外公司中國上市的法律監管框架 -- 經濟全球化背景下

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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Award date9 Jun 2017


It can be readily shown that economic globalization has been, and will continue to be part of the inevitable trend of globalization as a whole. The origins of the securities market aspect of economic globalization can be traced to asset securitization as first seen in the 1970s, an important means of allowing foreign companies to get listed overseas. Such cross-border listings have been widely practiced in almost all developed countries since the mid nineteenth century, and it is the writer’s contention that China, as a key participant of the global securities market, China shall also follow the steps of the global market and accepts foreign companies’ cross-border listing after a legal regulatory framework well prepared.

In April 2009, the Chinese State Council issued “View concerning Shanghai speeding up the development of modern service industry and advanced manufacturing, building an international financial center and an international shipping center”. After that, China substantially starts the process of Shanghai securities market internationalization. Based on this background, this dissertation attempts to have a comparative study of the regulations of foreign companies’ cross-border listing in EU, US and some developed economies, try to find the underlying causes of their evolution. And finally find China's corresponding legislation by comparing with that of these countries.