Investigating How Effective HRM Practices Impact Salesforce Commitment and Competence


Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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Award date26 Jun 2018


This study investigates how human resources management (HRM) practices create impact on sales employees’ commitment and competence. Ability, motivation and opportunity (AMO) theory (Applebaum, Bailey, Berg & Kalleberg, 2000) is used to explain why overall HRM practices are predicted to affect the abilities of employees directly related to their performance. This study also examines the relationship between an immediate sales manager and his or her subordinate on one hand, and how sales employees’ perceptions of HRM practices moderate the implementation effectiveness of HRM practices aimed at developing their commitment and competence on the other. The direct impacts of both variables on sales employees’ commitment and competence are tested under a framework of reciprocity, based on social exchange theory (Blau, 1964; Emerson, 1976) and leader-member exchange (LMX) theory (Graen, 1976; Graen & Cashman, 1975) respectively. This study collected more than 230 data through a survey administered to the front-line sales teams of a global industrial company with overseas subsidiaries in seven major Asian countries: Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. All of these countries have strong local cultures and the subsidiaries are strategically important to their business. Accordingly, they appropriate to test the proposed model. Because no research has previously examined these areas, this study will bridge an academic gap by showing how, in Asia, a holistic perspective of HRM practices can have a significant impact on a sales organization’s performance through its sales employees’ commitment and competence.

    Research areas

  • Human Resources Management (HRM) Practices, Salesforce Performance, Employees’ Characteristics, Sales Employees’ Commitment, Sales Employees’ Competence, Immediate Sales Managers’ Behaviors, Sales Manager – Subordinate Relationship (LMX) and Employees’ Perception, Implementation Effectiveness of HRM Practices