Factors Affecting the Success of Small Thai Entrepreneurs


Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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Award date18 Jan 2023


Entrepreneurship in Thailand has been optimistic, including among the unemployed and new-generation people. The Thai Government has settled plans and activities to reinforce them. With indications toward many external and internal variables, Thai entrepreneurs have encouraged specific SMEs to succeed, and several SMEs do not. The findings will separate all impacts on Thai SMEs in many kinds of business, such as Services, Retailers, and Productions. The account for becoming entrepreneurs of them will clarify their achievement system.

The researcher has many experiences with Thai Entrepreneurs throughout Thailand as a government consultant for Thai SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs, and other self-owned businesses. These experiences and knowledge led the researcher to realize the factors that bring them success and failure in business. Then, the Hypothesis and Methodology have been brought on the said basis.

To understand the matter comprehensively, the study integrates both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Much of the core work is based on case study methodologies, especially examining entrepreneurial management issues and problems. The discussion will try to deliver a complete picture of the current state of entrepreneurship at 50 companies in Thailand. In this sense, the study will be unique and significant to practicing managers. Therefore, the researcher has tested the Probability Sample size with Thai SMEs in central regions around with 117 samples.

Data were analyzed with SPSS programs. Various statistics methods were used, as much as multivariate analysis methods, namely exploratory and confirmative factorial analyses. The results showed that the success of Thai SMEs was influenced by competitive, technology, and customer strategies of Thai SMEs. Empirical findings represent the basis of systematic and practical development of knowledge acquisition.

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  • Performance, Entrepreneurship, Thai SMEs