Design of miniature dielectric resonator loaded patch antennas


Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

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  • Ka Yan HUI

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Award date15 Feb 2008


This thesis presents a detailed study of a recently developed antenna, designated as the dielectric resonator loaded patch antenna. The structure of this type of antenna is different from any existing antennas, in which the volume of the loading dielectric resonator is usually far bigger than that of the loaded patch. The methodology used in the new type of antenna is distinctive where the size of the dielectric resonator is perfectly matched to that of the loaded patch. In this way, the performance of the antenna is not only characterized by the length of the patch but also be determined by the dimensions of the resonator. An attentive exploration has been carried out for this antenna. Simulation results are obtained by a MoM based simulator WIPL-D, and the majority of them are substantiated by measurement. Firstly, a patch antenna supported by a dielectric resonator is studied. This small antenna possesses the advantages offered by the folded patch antenna and the dielectric resonator antenna. Unlike most traditional small antennas, the proposed design has a relatively low cross-polarization, less than -20dB. We have also studied the effect of dielectric constant on the characteristics of the dielectric resonator (DR) -loaded patch antennas. Secondly, for bandwidth enhancement, the antenna structure is modified in which by introducing a foam layer between the metallic patch and the dielectric resonator, the impedance bandwidth of the antenna is increased from 2.2% to 6.3%. Dual frequency operation can usually be obtained by using a double resonance technique. This can be employed in the current design and the dual-band performance of the DR-loaded patch antenna is studied. A small circularly-polarized antenna array is presented which is excited by four sequential-rotation T-shaped strips. Results show that the antenna achieved a relatively wide 3-dB beamwidth of around 90o. Lastly, the open-circuited patch antenna is loaded with dielectric resonators of different shapes. Various multisegment dielectric resonator geometries are considered including the core-plug embedded, stair-shaped and twin-rectangle types. The DR-loaded patch antenna is a novel design. The integral structure combines the advantages offered by patch antenna and dielectric resonator antenna. It is small-sized, simple in construction and easy to manufacture. The antenna can be operated in linear or circular polarization. With outstanding characteristics, the proposed antenna would be a progression in the implementation of miniature antenna design. Index Terms -- Dielectric resonator, patch antenna, circularly polarized, sequential rotation.

    Research areas

  • Dielectric resonators, Microstrip antennas, Design and construction, Antennas (Electronics)