SEC Principle : The New Values of Public Space Within China and Europe in Digital Era

賽克法則 : 數位化時代中歐公共空間的新價值觀

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Original languageMultiple
PublisherHarbin Institute of Technology Press
Number of pages273
ISBN (Print)978-7-5603-6566-4
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2017


The advent of the digital revolution has drawn a line of demarcation between two worlds—one is the old pre-digital epoch featuring manual means of transportation and bustling streets; the other is the emerging digital era characteristic of a flood of data transmission.Against the background of such a dramatic transformation, the means of value exchange in human society has changed fundamentally, from the exchange of tangible substance to simulated energy flow and finally to digitalized energy flow. Consequently, every concept of urban and rural space that is familiar to us is being tested. The digital revolution is sparking a brand-new social panorama.The same is true of public space, a concept that has been the research subject for thousands of times. Due to the transformation of the means of value exchange in urban cities, the public space has gradually broken away from its stereotypical role in providing simple services such as recreation, interactionand production for urban and rural dwellers, and become a multi-functional place for R&D, production, transactions, social interaction, leisure and education where core values are exchanged.In addition, the virtual world created by digital era and the real world represented by public space form an attractive coupling. Affected by the burgeoning development of the virtual world, the public space is striving to mix with it for an upgrade. It is predictable that propelled by digital technologies, themesmerizing public space will, thanks to its popularity and the avalanche of data, embrace huge potentials which once tapped into will trigger enormous social and economic values.Naturally, it will be an important target to establish a kind of public space that meets the demand of the digital era as well as involves various appealing activities for future residential environment. Then, how to design, evaluate and anticipate the popularity of the public space in the digital era? The main contents of this book will explain the question.This book adopts two major methods for further exploration.Firstly, a combination of theoretical summary and empirical research. Through research into the digital revolution’s fundamental influence on the social development, a deduction of the evolutionary trend of public space and an analysis of its current developmental stage in terms of social interaction, situation experience and innovative amusement are thusly achieved. Subsequently, SEC modal is established and its application and effects are analyzed through empirical research.Secondly, a comparison between China and Europe. As two major economic blocs and civilization, China and Europe both boast a long history as regards the development of public space, but they are different in the public space’s design and operation. Therefore, the comparison between China and Europeof their specific characteristics of public space reflects the impact of digital revolution on public space, and renders some useful advice about future trend.

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SEC Principle: The New Values of Public Space Within China and Europe in Digital Era. / 郭湘闽; Talamini, Gianni.
Harbin Institute of Technology Press, 2017. 273 p.

Research output: Scholarly Books, Monographs, Reports and Case Studies (RGC: 11, 13, 14, 48, 49)11_Research book or monograph (Author)peer-review