I Was of Three Minds : an exhibit at JCCAC Floating Projects


Research output: Creative and Literary Works in Non - textual FormRGC 44 - Performance and participation in exhibits

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  • Ka Sin FONG (Developer)
  • Jingwei Zhang (Developer)
  • Zhiyuan Zhang (Developer)
  • Yanheng Li (Artist)
  • Zeynep Erol (Artist)
  • Eray Ozgunay (Artist)
  • Yating Sun (Artist)

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Original languageEnglish
PublisherFloating Projects
Publication statusPublished - 22 May 2021


TitleI Was of Three Minds
LocationFloating Projects
CityHong Kong
Period22 May - 30 June 2021


A machine learning art exhibition at JCCAC

“I Was of Three Minds” is a series of new machine learning artworks by RAY LC and STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES. The works combine diverse media like projection, sculpture, print, and video, weaving together the perspective of the machine as perceived by the human actor. Indeed the “three minds” phrase was generated by a machine-learning natural language model, inventing words in its own, yet reflecting the human concerns put into the model. The works also narrate the way machines see us, and in turn the way we perceive such machine perceptions in the current technological context. Taking the perspectives of human-machine interaction, new media, and narrative design, this exhibition explores the way humans and machines interpret each other in narrative environments. It depicts the way we perceive machine creativity and interaction, as well as the pitfalls we fall into when we succumb to the metaphor of the mind of the machine.
“我有三思,從千件物品級別組成變化於籃子所告。” 《三個自我》展示了一系列由RAY LC和STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES於近期創作的機器學習藝術作品或 正在創作的作品。 這些作品結合了不同的媒體,如投影、雕塑、印刷品和視頻,將人類行為者所感知的機器 的視角編織在一起。事實上,”三個自我 “這句話是由機器學習的自然語言模型產生的,它自己發明了一些 詞語,同時也反映了人類對模型的關註。這些作品還反映了機器看待我們的方式,以及我們在當前的技術 背景下對這種機器感知的不同視角。從人機互動、新媒體和敘事設計的角度出發,本展覽探討了人類和機 器在敘事環境中互相詮釋的方式。它描繪了我們感知機器創造力和互動的方式,以及當我們屈服於機器 思維時所陷入的陷阱。

Research Area(s)

  • exhibition, installation, machine learning, art, projection, interactive

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I Was of Three Minds: an exhibit at JCCAC Floating Projects. SONG, Zijing (Curator); XU, Hongshen (Producer); FONG, Ka Sin (Developer) et al.. 2021. Floating ProjectsEvent details: I Was of Three Minds, Floating Projects, Hong Kong, China.

Research output: Creative and Literary Works in Non - textual FormRGC 44 - Performance and participation in exhibits