ZigBee for Telemedicine

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Telemedicine has been emerging over the last few years leveraging the acceptance and growth of electronic health records (EHR). In health care institutions, emergence of digital data from health monitoring and diagnostic systems. In Hong Kong, EHR has been emerging in various places (notably in Hong Kong Hospital Authority)Vision of increased automation and data collection into EHR via telemonitoring is still at its infancy but being looked upon for two critical parts of healthcares: 1) elderly and Critical care patients, with cardio, diabetics and pulmonary diseases 2) use in clinical setting in admission, hospital rooms etc.Creation of a Hong Kong version of a Telemonitoring IT solution, customized for the regional clinical process and patient preferences.This project aims at the development of CitiCare, comprising of the ZigBee module and the telemedicine sensor system, for application in homes and hospitals. CitiCare consists of a microprocessor based ZigBee communication module which establishes data transmission path between a medical device and an intelligent station (based on a notebook computer for the LAN gateway) and a basic server for trial testing to enable two-way communications of ZigBee medicine sensors. It also allows medical sensors, such as Heart Beat and Oximetry, to be recorded and analyzed by doctors and nurses. The transmitted data are presented at the server platform to patients, patients’ family and medical professionals. Liaison with hospitals and private homes will be made for field testing purpose.


Project number6351010
Grant typeARD
Effective start/end date1/03/113/08/12