ZigBee Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Energy Management - Backend Design

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Advanced Metering infrastructure (AMI) is a solution for automatic meter data collection, energy auditing and energy management. ZigBee is a commonly adopted wireless protocols adopted by many utilities and companies in the world for energy applications. The transmitted data will then be presented at the server platform for the utility. The advantage of this platform allows data (of different formats) from different front-end AMI systems to be collected and viewed at the same time. Hence, the utility may then consider the energy distribution based on the collected data. Such platform also facilitates demand response applications for households so that users at home may perform energy management e.g. tuning the temperature of air-conditioners or heaters, dimming of lighting systems, … etc. This project aims to develop a nature server platform based on ZigBee for various kinds of front-end AMI and energy management systems. This platform will be one of the key elements for smart grid development.


Project number9666007
Grant typeARD
Effective start/end date1/10/1128/06/13