Writing for Scholarly Publication in the Humanities and Social Sciences

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This project investigates the scholarly writing practices of Hong Kong and mainland academics in the humanities and social sciences. The research objectives are articulated along four lines of research, each with a contrastive perspective on the two groups of academics: (i) how the scholars negotiate between the competing demands of publication for local and international discourse communities, (ii) how and what individual, social, and cultural identity is constructed in these scholars’ disciplinary texts, (iii) how the diasporic and hybrid nature of rhetoric is reflected in these texts, and (iv) how the scholars negotiate between the generic demands of research articles and an English-language barrier. Answers to these questions will be sought by means of a “multiple triangulation” approach, that is, triangulation in terms of theories, data, methods, investigators, and participant verification. The sources of data, for example, will consist of corpora of research articles, scholars’ manuscripts, interviews, compose-aloud protocol, documentary evidence, and observation. Important insights will be generated into how contemporary nonnative English speaking academics conduct scholarly activities in a globalized world; the project will also enlighten the design of teaching materials for assisting Chinese scholars to write for publication in English.


Project number7002058
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/073/12/09