Working Software Tools for Dynamic Base Station Sleeping for Green Cellular Networks

Project: Research

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Objectives: Under this project we aim to develop software tools that will: 1. Provide mobile network operators with means to optimize their network design in the way that reduces network operational cost, saves energy consumption and, in turn, lowers cost to customers; 2. Improve the energy efficiency of the mobile networks through base-station sleeping and dynamically allocating network resources to meet customers’ quality of service requirements. 3. Enable mobile network operators to have quantitative means to evaluate the trade-off between the energy saving and network performance (e.g. in terms of Quality of Service provided to customers); R&D Methodology: Our unique software will enable the use of realistic traffic and energy models with scalable analytical approximation tools developed by the Project Coordinator called Information Exchange Surrogate Approximation (IESA). We will work closely with industry (e.g. SmarTone, PCCW and China Mobile, etc.) to obtain feedback and upgrade our software to meet our customers’ needs. Impact and Benefits: 1. More energy-efficient mobile network operation; 2. “Smarter” and “Greener” city; 3. Cost reduction to mobile network operators and to their customers; 4. Improvement on environment and human health


Project number9440160
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/02/1731/12/18