Who Will Reoffend? A Network Approach to Studying Recidivism

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This project addresses a long-standing research question in criminology and a major concernamong social workers and correctional officers in Hong Kong: Why do some ex-prisonersrecidivate whereas others desist? We plan to study this question by introducing some insightsfrom network research to the literature on recidivism. We will accomplish two tasks: (1) wewill use the sampling method used in the study of desistance in the West to gather survey datafor our project; (2) we will develop five network variables to understand how social ties affectthe probabilities of recidivism after controlling the socio-demographic variables. The surveydata will be complemented by in-depth interviews with 50 ex-prisoners (across age, gender andethnicity) about their paths to reenter society or reoffend. This project will offer a fresh accountof the main mechanisms whereby network ties affect desistance, contributing to criminologyresearch in both Hong Kong and the West.


Project number7004752
Effective start/end date1/09/164/12/18