Wafer-scale Integration of Thin-film Lithium Niobate with Active III-V Materials

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The global transceiver market size was ~ $36 billion HKD in 2015, and will grow to $322 billion HKD by the year of 2022 (WinterGreen Research), largely driven by AI, big data and internet of things. As a result, the IT industry today is calling for optical interconnect solutions that are densely integrated, ultrahigh-speed and energy-efficient. The key challenge is that the best-performing electro-optic modulator platform today (i.e. lithium niobate) is not compatible with active laser materials (III-V). Instead, these devices can only be linked off-chip, which is labor-intensive and cost-ineffective. Here we propose to solve this problem by direct integration of thin-film lithium niobate and active III-V materials through wafer bonding on a 3-inch scale. We will develop robust fabrication processes to create high-quality LN-on-GaAs wafers, design and optimize the modulator performances on this platform. The proposed technology lays critical foundation for a fully integrated, mass-producible optical transmitter that can provide ultrahigh data density of 10 Tb·s-1·cm-2 while maintaining high signal fidelity, low optical losses and low power consumption. The proposed demonstration of wafer-scale integration will pave the way towards commercialization and large-scale production of such systems.


Project number9667182
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