Visco-Hyperelastic Mechanical Behaviour of Nanoparticle-Polymer Interphases in Nanocomposite

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To tailor the mechanical performance of nanocomposite for various applications, it's crucial to gain in-depth understanding on the visco-hyperelastic deformation mechanism ofnanoparticle-polymer interphases.However, it's challenging to experimentally characterize or mathematically model the visco-hyperelastic deformation behavior of the nanoparticle-polymer interphases in nanocomposite.Viscoelasticity is often coupled with hyperelasticity and therefore form a complicatednonlinear problem. Existing methods are incapable to provide comprehensive interpretationon experimental results and deliver meaningful mechanical parameters.The proposed project is to address above problems by utilizing a Quasi-linear viscoelastic model Assisted Simple Testing (QAST) framework established in PI's preliminary work.nanocomposite with different nanoparticle-polymer bonds, visco-hyperelastic behaviors ofpolymer matrixes, nanoparticle contents and polymer contents will be fabricated,characterized by state-of-the-art instruments, and examined by simple mechanical tests inQAST framework. QAST framework will be utilized to obtain visco-hyperelastic mechanicalparameters and investigate related deformation mechanisms.


Project number7005071
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