Using Collaboration Patterns and Use Case Descriptions to Assist Novice Systems Analysts in Quality Object Modeling

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Many information system development projects fail due to problems in requirements capturing. Object models are widely used as part of the requirements analysis process because they support problem decomposition and reuse. Although numerous guidelines are available for modelling, developing quality object models is a time consuming and challenging task.This project proposes to build and evaluate a knowledge-based system to analyze object models and provide customized recommendations for improving their syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic quality. This system will make use of analysis patterns and practitioners’ guidelines for identifying recommendations. These recommendations will be pruned and customized based on use cases describing the system requirements.The proposed system will be implemented using an open source CASE tool and other utilities such as inference engines, ontology editors, dictionaries, and natural language processors. Evaluation of the developed system will be conducted using groups of novice and experienced systems analysts.The project will contribute to better understanding of the effectiveness of intelligent support for the difficult and important task of object modelling, and in advancing the capabilities of CASE tools to aid systems analysts in capturing requirements. The resulting system can assist in efficiently imparting object modelling expertise to novice systems analysts.


Project number9041217
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0722/09/10