Understanding Public Opinion in the Era of Social Media: Identifying the Dimensions of Online Opinion Leadership

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This project aims to shed light on the dynamics of online opinion leadership by comparing user influence on social media (i.e., Twitter and Sina Weibo) with well-validated survey-based measures of social influence. The aim is to assess whether the analysis of social media data—specifically, network analysis and content-based analysis, could provide feasible alternatives to the traditional survey-based measures. Our aim is also to understand any potential differences between real-world opinion leadership and that exercised on social media. The findings generated by this project will have a significant impact in the fields of communication, political science, psychology, and marketing as they will bring fresh, methodologically robust insights about opinion leadership within social media ecosystems in China and the United States, two of the World's largest economies.


Project number9042454
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/178/06/20

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  • Public Opinion , Social Media , Network analysis , opinion leaders ,