Ultrasound Application in Second Language Acquisition: Pronunciation of English /l/ and /r/ by Cantonese Speakers

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This project attempts to promote an innovative way to improve English pronunciation of /1/ and /r/ by Cantonese learners. The categorical errors due to the difference in the phonological distribution of these sounds in English and Chinese are well-known issues in second language acquisition and language education. To discover the nature of pronunciation difficulties, this project will use ultrasound imaging technology and examine the shape and movements of the tongue registered for English /1/ and /r/ by Cantonese speakers and compare the articulatory properties of English /l/ and /r/ by native speakers of English. Experiments will consist of four-week training sessions, and real-time ultrasound visual feedback of their tongue shape and movements will be given to Cantonese speakers. The progress will be evaluated before and after each of the four training sessions and be compared with a control group without ultrasound feedback for improvement.


Project number7002192
Effective start/end date1/10/0715/04/09