Ultrasensitive and Low-cost SERS Substrates Based on Electrochemically Treated Au Wires with Controlled Surface Topological Nanostructures

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Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is a powerful tool in chemical engineering, environmental analysis, biomedicine, food safety, homeland security, etc. The SERS sensitivity largely depends on the SERS substrates, whereas the current commercial substrates are generally of low-sensitivity, extremely high price, and short shelf life. Here, based on our recent invention (PCT/CN2016/084027, patent filed in 2016), we propose an effective method for bestowing cheap commercial Au wires with desirable surface topological nanostructures. This novel method utilizes aqueous solution at ambient conditions, and is environmental friendly, cost-effective, and well-suited for automated large-scale manufacturing. The flexible gold wires thus obtained will lead to a new generation of SERS substrates, featuring low cost (one percent of the common commercial substrates), ultrahigh sensitivity (at least 100 times more sensitive than the common commercial substrates), long shelf-life and desirable reusability. It should be pointed out that a sister ITF project (ITS/387/16), "Noble Metal-based Nanoporous Powders and Wires with Controlled Topological Nanostructures via Convenient Electrochemical Techniques” is in progress. In accordance with the recommendations of the Review Board, the sister project should only focus on the supercapacitor application, while another parallel project will explore the SERS application of the gold wires --- herein this proposal is submitted.


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Effective start/end date1/07/1831/12/19