Ultra-efficient Supramolecular Organic Electro-optic Materials for Hybrid Graphene Organic Platform

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This project will exploit the full potential of recent major research progress in synthetic chemistry of multicomponent reactions and multiscale theoretical/experimental efforts in supramolecular engineering of OEO materials, push their performance limit and explore new hybrid integration with low loss graphene conductors. We plan to use rational molecular design to optimize synthetic chemistry and hyperpolarizability of chromophores, and use supramolecular engineering to enhance the effective loading density and control the meso- and nanoscale ordering of OEO materials. These concerted research efforts can lead to the development of high performance suprarnolecular OEO materials possessing high refractive index and ultralarge n3r33 values. We will develop technique to transfer graphene onto OEO films. The project will build hybrid geometry of graphene OEO material modulators as a key solution to the driven-voltage/optical-loss tradeoff in design and fabrication of OEO based waveguides, and achieve ultrahigh EO coefficients, low optical loss and efficient waveguide device fabrication. 


Project number7005262
Effective start/end date1/09/19 → …