Two-phase Solar Collector System for Hong Kong Application

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Conventional flat plate solar water heating systems designed for natural circulation are the most economical, and they are currently in large-scale application. Nevertheless, they suffer from drawbacks of reversed cycle during the night, scale formation, corrosion, and slow response. Two-phase closed thermosyphon collector systems are very promising devices in solving these problems. A two-phase collector system consists of heat pipes filled with a refrigerant and is used as closed loop water heater. The system is highly suitable for domestic solar water heaters. In this study, the performance of a two-phase thermosyphon system for water heating under the subtropical climate of Hong Kong will be investigated. Experimental rigs will be designed and constructed. Through both experimental measurements and validated computer models, the effect of the said systems on the built environment will be analyzed. The purposes of this study are to provide solid information on the optimum use of the system in Hong Kong, and on the energy/cost saving potential compared with the conventional single-phase flat plate collectors.


Project number7002317
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0814/10/10