Transparent Planar Glass Resonator Antenna For Adding 5G Capabilities To Windows

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The objective of this project is to investigate the first-ever transparent planar antenna technology with embedded dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs) and specific matching technology. Based on these two novel technologies, a 3.5GHz transparent planar MIMO antenna array, a 28GHz transparent planar MIMO antenna and a 28GHz transparent planar transmitarray will be developed for different window-penetration applications. 5G millimeter-wave wireless network supports super-fast data transmission. Unfortunately, millimeter waves suffer from high atmospheric propagation loss. Obstacles or buildings cause interference or blockage of radiation and multi-path effects, especially in cities. Therefore, higher cellular base stations density, 360 degree all-round high gain 5G antennas system for automobiles and enhanced smart 5G propagation planning with re-transmitters are strongly required. A 3.5GHz transparent planar MIMO resonator antenna array is introduced to resolve the challenges of limited space for deploying basestation antennas behind windows of buildings. A 28GHz transparent planar antenna is proposed. Several proposed antennas can be simultaneously used at different windows of a vehicle, giving 360-degree 5G reception for minimizing signal interruption. A 28GHz transparent planar transmittarray, attachable to a window, is proposed to connect indoor repeaters to the basestation. It is totally transparent and would not give people a bad feeling.


Project number9440302
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/04/22 → …