Translation as Affordance for Computational Creative Writing

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Translation has long been recognized not only as an effective pedagogical strategy, but as an integral part of creative writing itself. However, no research has yet examined the potential value of translation in digitally-oriented creative writing courses. To address this gap, this research proposes the creation of new translation facilities within RiTa, a toolkit currently used in Writing Digital Media (SM2289), a course exploring computational strategies, tools, and affordances for writers. The specific research question addressed is whether access to translation functions from within a familiar programmatic interface will a) raise the level of students’ digital language works, and b) increase students’ engagement with the course. Assessment focuses on surveys distributed over the course of the semester examining students’ experience’s with the translation tools and their relative engagement with the course in general. Additionally, student will be required to submit final projects to the Electronic Literature Organization [ELO]’s yearly conference, allowing students to publish and exhibit novel works for an international audience, while helping to advance CityU’s Discovery-Enriched Curriculum.


Project number6000502
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date7/04/148/10/15