Transition Metal Sensitized Rare Earth Luminescence

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  • Peter Anthony TANNER (Principal Investigator / Project Coordinator)


Rare earth (RE) ions emit a variety of colours and find use in display devices, solid state lasers, and phosphors. Usually the emission is triggered by a flashlamp so that absorption by the RE ion in order to become excited is a prerequisite. Unfortunately the efficiency of absorption is poor so useful flashlamp energy is wasted.This research finds a solution to this problem by using a strong, broadband absorber that is a transition metal (TM) ion. This excited ion can then pass on the excitation to the RE ion so that it can efficiently become excited and then emit light.The key to the project is to search for and find the optimum pairs of ions, i.e. which TM ion can function best for a certain RE ion. The research group’s previous experience with the syntheses and the individual spectra of both systems will aid them in this respect.The overall aims are first, to find the right TM sensitizer to achieve efficient infrared emission from the RE ion, and second, to use a TM ion that efficiently absorbs infrared radiation to sensitize an RE by upconversion so that visible and/or ultraviolet light is emitted.


Project number9041207
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0731/05/11