Transforming Hong Kong's Ocean Container Transport Logistics Network

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Hong Kong as a port city is facing ever increasing competition from other ports in mainland China and doubts have been cast on its future as a logistics center. The major cities in the world, for example London and New York, have evolved from port cities that mainly handled physical goods into modern financial and information hubs, moving most of the ocean container business to less expensive neighboring port cities. On the other hand, ports such as Rotterdam still depend on physical flows. It is important to consider what path Hong Kong will follow. A unique distinction is that the future of Hong Kong will largely depend on the cooperation between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD). Under this foundation, we believe that Hong Kong should follow a mixed model, i.e., it should shift its focus from physical flow more toward financial flow and information flow, yet still keep the logistics service as the foundation for other flows and services. Hence, Hong Kong and Shenzhen’s ports can be viewed as a joint node in the global supply chain network. This logistics foundation will serve to promote Hong Kong as a regional and international financial and service hub. Ocean container logistics, the lifeline of almost any global supply chain, if developed properly, can serve as a solid foundation for old and new businesses alike and attract new opportunities to other important business sectors such as the financial industry.The proposed project has two major goals. (1) To establish Hong Kong as the research hub for logistics and supply chain management. A team of researchers from Asia and Europe with extensive knowledge in this area will be brought together for this purpose. The team will study holistically ocean container transport supply chain networks around the world, at both the strategic and tactical levels. The issues to be addressed, as detailed in the proposal, are both intellectually challenging and have huge potential impact on Hong Kong. The team is geared toward generating state-of-the-art research on ocean container logistics networks, which is a very important emerging area in academia. The team will also develop decision support systems for Hong Kong’s ocean container transport supply chain network. (2) To develop an in-depth understanding of Hong Kong’s role as a port city and its future direction. Hong Kong is currently faced with many challenges that call for strategic repositioning but is also presented with many opportunities that should be carefully explored. This proposed project will contribute to the transformation of Hong Kong’s ocean container transport logistics network in the city’s quest to remain and grow as a regional and international business center.


Project number8779003
Grant typeTBRS
Effective start/end date1/11/1127/02/17