Ti-based Biomaterials with Capacitance-based Antibacterial Properties

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Although titanium (Ti) and Ti alloys are widely used in dental or orthopedic implants, bacterial infection constitutes one of the most common post-surgery complications. Recently, an antibacterial process stemming from electron transfer during contact between bacteria and materials surface has been demonstrated. The process is theoretically viable as electron transfer is a fundamental phenomenon occurring during the respiration process of bacteria and disturbance can lead to physiological imbalance and death of bacteria. This project aims at the design and construction of an optimal and controllable antibacterial platform based on capacitive coatings deposited on Ti-based biomedical implants without compromising the integration between implants and local tissues and other favorable biological properties. This work is expected to provide a better understanding of the capacitance-based antibacterial mechanism, materials, and safety issues. 


Project number7005265
Grant typeSRG-Fd
Effective start/end date1/09/19 → …