Theoretical Investigations of Thermal Contact Problems in a Functionally Graded Coating-Substrate System

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Load transfer components such as bearings, gears, machine tools, cams, and so on are often subjected to severe contact stress fields and high-temperature environments, which may cause thermal contact damage. A simple solution to the problem may be coating the metallic substrate by a ceramic layer. But this approach suffers from poor bonding strength and high residual stresses due to property mismatch at material interfaces. Functionally graded materials are inhomogeneous composites with continuously varying thermo-mechanical properties. Used as the coatings, they can offer great opportunities for resisting the contact damage that cannot be realized by conventional homogeneous coatings.This project will carry out a comprehensive investigation on the thermal contact behaviour of a functionally graded coating-substrate system including frictionless contact, sliding contact, and fretting contact. The research outcomes will be of high significance to the engineering community in aircrafts, automobiles, gas turbine engines, and many other related fields.


Project number7002079
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0711/12/08