Theoretical Analysis of a Rotational Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

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Energy harvesting holds great potential to achieve long-lifespan self-powered operations of wireless sensor networks, wearable devices, and medical implants, and thus has attracted substantial interest from both academia and industry in the last two decades. Intensive investigations have been conducted on scavenging energy from translational motions. In contrast, rotational motions have rarely been explored due to the unique dynamics and wiring problems. This study is proposed to fill the knowledge gap existing in rotational energy harvesting. A piezoelectric energy harvester will be developed to work in the compressive mode under rotational excitations. The Hamilton's Principle and the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory will be adopted to develop a theoretical model for the developed harvester. Considering the variable rotational speed in the real world, we will explore the geometric nonlinearity to effectively extend the operational bandwidth of the developed energy harvester.


Project number7005072
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