Theorectical and Numerical Studies of Elastic Waves in Carbon Nanotubes and Nanocones

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Since the discovery of carbon nonotubes (CNTs), much experimental and theoretical research on static and dynamic properties of CNTs have been done due to the interest in their exceptional mechanical properties. Elastic wave in CNT has been studying through the continuum mechanics and atomic simulation, such as nonlocal shell theory and molecular dynamics(MD) simulation. So far, only the beam-like flexural wave and longitude wave motion of single-walled CNT have been simulated by MD simulation. The MD simulations for other kinds of waves, such as transverse and torsional waves, are still not available. The continuum model and MD simulations are still not developed for elastic wave in carbon nanocones(CNCs). There is still no rigorous study made on estimating the scale coefficient in nonlocal continuum mechanics for CNTs.In this research, the elastic wave in CNCs will be firstly investigated through the MD simulation and nonlocal shell theory. The nonlocal shell model will be used to study the small scale effect and the dispersion of waves in the CNTs and CNCs. Moreover, an MD-based estimation of the scale coefficient in the nonlocal elastic cylindrical shell model will be given. The van der Waals force between the adjacent tubes will also be investigated to explore its effect on the wave propagation in multi-walled CNT or CNC.


Project number7002496
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Effective start/end date1/04/0919/01/11