The Use of Novel Dual Transducers and Cylindrical Ultrasonic-guided Waves for Buried and Surface Pipeline Defect Inspection

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Pipelines are crucial infrastructure that every modern city needs. If defects are not found early, then the condition of pipelines may deteriorate, which eventually results in serious leaks and ruptures. Hence, there is a crucial need to develop effective methods to detect defects in the early stage of propagation, in particular for buried pipelines. The current techniques that are used by public utilities in Hong Kong are still based on a passive mechanism that can only detect defects when a major leak occurs. Such practice has caused Hong Kong to lose $600 million worth of water every year. Here, a novel system is proposed that uses dual transducers and cylindrical ultrasonic-guided waves to detect defects existing in buried or surface pipelines. Also, equipped with advanced signal analyses, the system is able to determine the location and type of defects in pipelines, as well as the severity of damage that has been caused.


Project number9041156
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/11/064/01/10