The Use of Guided Group Inquiry (GGI) to Facilitate Students Achieving the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of Work Based Learning

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Guided Group Inquiry (GGI) sessions are to be held by all related teachers of the SS Department for all social work students taking SS3293 Practicum I in Semester B 2006-2007. Structured GGI sessions for 4 to 6 students in each session are to be held twice during the practicum - in Week 6 to help students work on the difficulties and problems they encountered in the early part of their first practicum, and, in Week 13, to allow students to share their accomplishments and to work on the more difficult practice issues and problems. The GGI sessions are to be field-, target group-, and/or issue-based. The whole process would be recorded on video/audio tape and transcribed for analyzing (1) the nature and content of collaborative learning, (2) learning outcome attained, and (3) the teachers' teaching roles in GGI. The students are required to write individual reports on their reflections and learning from the sessions. These reports are for analyzing (1) the nature and content of collaborative learning in GGI, and (2) the learning outcomes attained, from the students' perspectives. The findings are to be developed into a model of GGI for enhancing teaching and students' collaborative learning and the model built is expected to be applicable for achieving the ILOs of not only social work students but also students of other departments with work based learning.


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