The Potential Therapeutic Effects of Sea Cucumber Extract TBL12 on Glioblastoma - RMGS

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Glioblastoma is one of the most common types of primary brain tumours. Treatments of glioblastoma are hampered by Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), which limits the access of chemotherapeutic agents to the tumour. TBL-12, a sea cucumber extract, has demonstrated potent anticancer activities against a wide range of cancer cell lines. This project aims to test whether TBL-12 can penetrate BBB, and hence paves the way for future in vivo studies of TBL-12 as an anti-glioblastoma therapeutic. To achieve this aim, we will use an in vitro BBB assay, in which TBL12 and glioblastoma cells are separated by a filter on which immortalized human brain endothelial cells (hCMEC/D3) are cultured in tight junction. The integrity of the hCMEC/D3 monolayer will be monitored by morphological characterisation and fluorescently conjugated dextran. Cytotoxicity of TBL-12 against glioblastoma cells after passing through the hCMEC/D3 monolayer will be assessed by viability staining.


Project number9229050
Grant typeDON_RMG
Effective start/end date1/01/21 → …