The Immersive Impact of Augmented Reality on Knowledge Management in Business

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Knowledge management in business can be enhanced by applying augmented reality (AR), which affords individuals a first- person form of immersive experiences. AR is fast becoming a mainstream technology with a significant role in promoting knowledge transfer. Augmented reality interposes digital information in the real world in a visually rich and interactive way, where students are actively involved and have intuitive access to knowledge. Despite augmented reality having been adopted in some application areas, outcomes are equivocal, sometimes enhancing performance and sometimes reducing performance. Understanding how to harness the power of augmented reality to improve knowledge transfer thus remains a challenge conceptually and consequently also practically. In this research, we seek to provide further understanding of: (1) how augmented reality affects knowledge transfer in business, (2) how to enhance the effects of augmented reality, and (3) how to effectively apply augmented reality in business applications.


Project number7005018
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