The Effect of Short- and Long- Term Progressive Relaxation Exercise on Improving Creativity for College Students with High and Low Anxiety Level

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  • Jing Mavis HE WU (Principal Investigator / Project Coordinator)


While a large body of documented evidence suggests that stress or anxiety has a negative effect on creative thinking and the development of creativity, many findings have shown that systematic relaxation exercises enhance performance in creative thinking tests. It is claimed that Hong Kong students are under great academic stress. Thus there is a need to investigate whether Hong Kong college students can receive benefit from such relaxation exercises in order to enhance their creativity. The present study aims to investigate:the effect of short- and long-term exposure to relaxation exercises on creative thinking for Hong Kong college students; andwhether the high and low anxiety groups have benefited in the same degree from the positive effect of relaxation exercises.The findings of the present study will provide empirical evidence to support the importance of managing stress in improving Hong Kong college students’ creative thinking.


Project number9610051
Grant typeAPR
Effective start/end date13/07/0612/01/08