The Development of Local Hong Kong Violent Sexual Offense Cases for DEC-oriented Teaching and Learning of Criminology Courses

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Sexual offenses, particularly those violent in nature, have garnered worldwide media attention and public interest. Yet, rich and reliable background information on local Hong Kong cases is lacking. Hence, this has made using local cases in teaching at the University-level a tremendous challenge. Considering that, with the involvement of criminology students, this project aims to develop a compilation of local violent sexual offense cases with rich case information. Students, in groups, would conduct different research activities to gather first-hand information (e.g., archival, interview, and observation research) about the selected local cases. A series of other learning activities (e.g., guest lecture, field visit, poster/paper presentation at a regional conference) would also be arranged or encouraged to enhance the students’ practical knowledge and experience in the field. Through different DEC-oriented learning activities, the students are expected to foster a more mature and analytical mindset, and with a particular improved attitudes toward conducting empirical research (e.g., academic responsibility and research ethics). To enhance the DEC-oriented teaching model, this casebook on local cases would be a valuable asset for future teaching on related courses – SS4718 Forensic Criminology, SS4709 Psychology of Law Enforcement, and GE2221 Violence and Crime – or topics.


Project number6000491
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/05/142/03/16