The Design of Self-Sustainable Wireless Sensor Network Module for Telemedicine

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Ageing is a problem with no boundary. The worldwide population over age 65 is expected to more than double from 357 million in 1990 to 761 million by 2025. As a consequence, the population ageing will likely overload doctors and nurses. It is strongly believed that telemedicine will reduce the workload of doctors and nurses. In essence, Telemedicine provides efficiency and accuracy, reduces meaningless and time consuming paper works related to medical services. There are demands for telemedicine applications. The current standard of telemedicine, IEEE 11073, and a wireless sensor network (WSN) module will be basic element to facilitate telemedicine applications. The major project aims are listed as below: (1) Develop a miniaturized WSN module which is portable (2) Investigate and design a communication protocol that support mobility for telemedicine.


Project number9440092
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/11/1230/04/14