The ATD (Addicted To Discoveries) Programme: Feasibility Study of a Research Programme Designed to Propel First-year Undergraduate Student Towards Personal Discoveries

Project: Research

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The "Discovery-enriched Curriculum" lies at the heart of CityU’s strategic 4-year curriculum for enhancing teaching and research to encourage students to make original discovery. In line with this strategic goal, we propose to introduce a new research-based programme to first-year freshman, the ATD Programme; this programme aims at stimulating student’s interest on research and fostering their capability of conducting independent research under supervision. Before applying the entire programme in CityU, a pilot run will be investigated in a group of students who have completed the Gateway Education course BCH1200 Discovery in Biology. This group of students will be asked to submit a proposal for a summer research project. They can develop their research ideas with the guidance of project supervisors. With the help of mentors, they can design their own experiments in order to solve these questions. Through the implementation of this pilot study, we will figure out the effective instructional methods such as project discussions among current research students and departmental staff to support students’ summer projects. Ultimately, we expect that the programme will stimulate students to develop their critical thinking skills as well as allow them to gain experience with team-based research cooperation with faculty/department, graduate students, and other fellow students.


Project number6980104
Grant typeTLF
Effective start/end date11/03/138/05/14