Testing the Emotional Labor Process: An Application of Experience Sampling Study

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Research shows that positive emotional display plays a role in promoting customer service quality. Various factors may impede people from naturally displaying positive emotions. This leads to emotional labour (EL)—the regulation of their emotional expressions and/or experiences. Much research on EL has used static, between-person research designs (assessing variables cross-sectionally and examining variable relationships across individuals). What is needed is a research design that assesses individuals at multiple points in time (as they are working) and tests for variable relationships within individuals. This project seeks to gain knowledge in this regard by utilizing Experience Sampling Methodology. It will develop a within-person theoretical model, which focuses on the performance of EL during service episodes. In this model, the relationship of EL strategies with perceived discrepancies between emotional displays and display rules, the situational determinants of perceived discrepancies, and the immediate negative as well as positive consequences of the use of EL will be explored.


Project number7002164
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/072/03/10