Synthesis of Three-dimensional Integrated Electrodes Based on Nickel Nitride Enriched with Nitrogen Vacancies and Their Applications in Water Electrolysis

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The water electrolysis technique is of great importance to the development of hydrogen economy, and the use of electrocatalysts is a key for the efficient water electrolysis. The current commercial electrocatalysts for water splitting are mostly made from the precious metals or their compounds. However, their high cost seriously restricts their industry applications. The development of new cost-efficient electrocatalysts has thus important application value. This project aims to design and synthesize new high-efficiency low-cost water splitting electrocatalysts based on nickel nitride enriched with nitrogen vacancy defects. We will develop an eco-friendly, efficient, and facile plasma-enhanced nitridation technology to synthesize nanostructured nickel nitride layers with controlled nitrogen vacancies directly on three-dimensional (3D) commercial Ni foams. The impacts of synthesis conditions on the chemical composition, vacancy density, microstructure, and uniformity and thickness of nickel nitride layers will be investigated systematically. Further, prototypes of 3D integrated electrodes will be prepared, and their performance as hydrogen and oxygen evolution electrodes will be optimized. Implementation of this project will provide new solution for the development of low-cost and high-efficiency electrode materials of water electrolysis, which may promote the advance of hydrogen energy technology.


Project number9440202
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date15/11/1814/10/20