Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Coilable Metal-schiff Base Materials

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This proposal is dedicated to the design, synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization, and applications of coilable functional materials. The introduction of metalorganic moieties can yield desirable attributes, but the study of metal-containing macromolecules with organized coiling remains in its infancy. Chiral coordination polymers are well-established but problems including solubility and inaccessibility of metal centers limit their function. The development of metal-Schiff base conjugated scaffolds with the following characteristics is proposed: a) geometrically different coilable structures, b) various appended chiral functionalities, c) attractive chiroptical and luminescent properties, and d) shape-persistent conformational behavior and controllable positioning of active sites. The intended systems are prepared by variation of a central synthetic methodology that has been established, and which employs interchangeable components. This facilitates the development of materials with potentially tunable structures, adaptable folded conformations and diverse functional groups, so that specific properties, responses, (metal-based) reactivity and functions can be targeted. 


Project number7005261
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