Synethesis of Atomic Doped Molybdenum Disulfide for Water Splitting

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Hydrogen fuel cell offers high energy density and clean emission. The engineering of metal dichalcogenides by doping is an effective approach for electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Catalysts based on platinum are the state-of-the-art materials for HER, yet they are expensive and scarce. Here we propose the engineering of molybdenum sulfide, an earth-abundant material, as a candidate for HER. Recently, we have shown the possibility to activate the performance by phosphorous doping. In this proposal, we aim to develop a new strategy for enhancing the HER activity of transition metal dichalcogenides by a single-metal-atom decoration strategy. The incorporation of heteroatom will perturb the electronic structure of molybdenum sulfide, which holds promise for activation of reaction sites. This study could open a new avenue for enhancing the catalytic activity of metal dichalcogenides for many other reactions. 


Project number7005256
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