Synergistic Energy Efficiency of Stratum Ventilation and Solar Hybrid Desiccant Cooling

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To reduce energy use in buildings, in recent years, significantly higher room temperature set points are recommended by several governments in East Asia. Stratum ventilation has been proposed to accommodate the elevated room temperature. Studies (laboratory measurements, human subject tests and numerical simulations) since 2005 show that stratum ventilation improves thermal comfort, air quality and energy performance.The proposed tests will be carried out in our environmental chamber for a typical office. Experiments and computer simulations on energy consumption will be conducted. The energy saving of a stand-alone stratum ventilation system and the synergistic energy saving of a stratum ventilation system integrated with a hybrid solar desiccant cooling system, which is developed by the proposers, will be analyzed in comparison with conventional ventilation systems.


Project number7002738
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1224/03/14