Symplectic Elasticity Approach with SCFEs for the Nonlinear Behaviour of Long Range Forces on Nano-devices Considering Size-dependent Effects

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Micro- and nano-devices such as nano-actuators are becoming increasingly useful in many engineering applications. The surface of such systems is a region with small thickness which has its own atom arrangement and properties differing from the bulk. The main objectives of this proposal consist of:formulating a general model and developing novel exact, analytical and approximate numerical solutions for the micro- and nano-actuating systems considering size effects and size-dependent nonlinear forces by a new symplectic elasticity approach;quantitatively characterizing the nonlinear behaviour of such micro- and nano-actuating systems by observing the influences of various physical and geometric size-dependent parameters; andto apply the proposed model to analyze static and dynamic deformation of some typical structures, with special focus on stiction instability.The outcome of this project will be significant to the understanding the mechanical behavior of macro- and nano-actuating systems under different working conditions and environments and ultimately help design reliable systems.


Project number9041145
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/07/0616/03/10