Surface Engineering of Large-Size 3D Porous Micro-Nanostructures for Synergistic Solar-Driven Seawater Evaporation and Hydrogen Production

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This project aims to develop a new technology for the efficient and delocalized generation of energy resources to achieve the cost-effective distributed renewable energy utilization. In specific, the surface of large-size 3D porous micro-nanostructure (e.g., nickel foam, carbon cloth) is engineered to reach a dual function: (i) solar-driven evaporation of seawater to freshwater and (ii) solar-driven electrocatalytic hydrogen production from the pre-evaporated seawater, which can enable the large-scale deployment for eco-friendly and low-cost solar-driven hydrogen fuel production from local seawater as an alternative clean energy carrier. Since there is not be any electricity grid system involved, there would not be any grid related problems encountered in the distribution of this renewable energy. The implementation of this new technology can achieve the on-demand production of hydrogen fuels at the periphery of Hong Kong. This way, the hydrogen fuel can be generated in the local regions when it is needed, while there is no need to have a centralized generation as well as a large-scale storage and transportation of hydrogen fuels. All these development and demonstration can ultimately reduce the reliance of fossil energies in order to cut down the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in Hong Kong.


Project number9211258
Grant typeECF
Effective start/end date1/06/2120/02/23