Super-hard Coatings with Ternary AlMgB Matrices

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This project aims at synthesizing and studying the mechanical properties of novel materials based on ternary compounds of aluminium, magnesium, and boron (AlMgB). These materials with suitable compositions and chemical structures are extraordinary light and can be classified in a group of super-hard materials. The hardness of AlMgB compounds with some additives should approach the hardness of cubic boron nitride, making them a possible alternative to cubic boron nitride and other commercially used coatings with lower hardness and abrasion resistance. The commercialization of AlMgB composite coatings can progress fast since cubic boron nitride films have been under development for five decades but have not yet been applied industrially because of many technical and technological difficulties.The ternary AlMgB films will be synthesized by sputter-deposition employing unbalanced planar rectangular magnetrons with closed magnetic fields. The structure and chemical composition of AlMgB will be optimized for extreme mechanical properties by adjusting the deposition parameters and power supplied to individual targets materials, respectively. In addition to high hardness, the synthesized AlMgB coatings will have lower stress, higher adhesion to substrates, and better mechanical stability on many substrates compared with the cubic boron nitride films.


Project number7002282
Effective start/end date1/04/088/09/10