Study the Energy Saving Opportunities and Potentials of Using Wireless Sensor Network to Monitor the Indoor Climate of Large-scale Rooms in Hong Kong

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Wireless sensor network (WSN) for building applications has been considered by many HVAC experts as an efficient tool to promote building energy efficiency. However, this conclusion has not been supported by enough experimental results in Hong Kong (even worldwide). Currently, there is no WSN test bed constructed for studying how to deploy WSN to enhance the building energy efficiency by considering the building characteristics and the unique climate of Hong Kong. Allowing for the importance of building energy saving for the environmental protection and conservation in Hong Kong, this project aims to build the first WSN test bed in Hong Kong to improve the indoor climate monitoring performance for large-scale rooms. Most importantly, this project will develop a systemic and analytic approach to explore the energy saving opportunities and potentials offered by the WSN-based monitoring system.


Project number9211040
Grant typeECF
Effective start/end date1/10/122/06/15