Study of the Role of Artificial Reefs in Nutrient Dynamics and Community Structure in Marine Soft-bottom Ecosystems

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The direct and indirect effects of artificial reefs on environmental conditions will result in changes in species composition of the infaunal communities. Thus this proposed research will:investigate the changes in nutrient dynamics owing to the presence of the artificial reef system;determine trophic relationships between epifauna on artificial reefs and infauna in soft-bottom habitats; andtest whether spatial changes in species composition of benthic communities would occur in the vicinity of the sediments where the reef system is located.The results of this research will help reveal the linkage between hard reef and soft-bottom habitats in terms of environmental conditions and benthic community structure, as well as improve the scientific understanding of the applied value of habitat enhancement using artificial reefs, especially in compensation of large-scale inshore exploitation, coastal eutrophication and biodiversity loss caused by human activities which commonly occur in Southeast Asia.


Project number9041169
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0717/09/10