Study of Human Brain Wave for Neuro-Psychological Changes Due To Electromagnetic Exposure

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There have been concerns that Electromagnetic exposure may affect the physiologicaland psychological reactions of humans particularly in neuro-psychological changes.The correlation between the Electromagnetic exposure and the brain wave activitieshas been explored for some time. Brain wave activity is a key parameter to all neuropsychologicalchanges and their relationship remains ambiguous; direct correlationbetween Electromagnetic waves and neuro-psychological changes, including psychologicalfeeling such as anxiety and depression, are yet to be explored.This proposal is a pioneering investigation in exploring the above subject matter, aimingat characterizing and quantifying the impact of the external EM waves by human brainactivities, and then correlating the EM wave further directly to the neuro-psychologicalchanges via the characteristics of the brain waves under EM exposure.?


Project number9042343
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1730/12/19

    Research areas

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility , EM exposure , Brain Wave , neuro-psychological changes , human safety